Inner circumference – 6.5cm
Width – 11 cm  Thickness – 0.8cm


Materials :
Italy imported MEXICALI cellulose acetate
Rose gold plated brass metal

*note : Slight adjustment available through soaking bracelet in 100 degrees boiling water

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SO IT BEGINS • LUZID’s debut collection looks into an illusional play with shapes and repetition.
Key features including bangle constructed upon a layer mix of octagon and triangular forms, mathematical structured statement necklace built through headache calculations highlighted with rose gold plated metal details, bold bracelet that complements elegant pearls for a touch of modern elegance.
Some said the bangles looks like a door knob, a cup mat, a paperweight, a toy…The collection is obviously a fun and expressive one with colours and textures lies within materials creating an irrational harmony, building the essence of the collection.